Catering For Special Diets at Fairlight

Here at Fairlight we take food and nutrition very seriously; we have our own highly skilled kitchen team who prepare all meals here on site using fresh local produce wherever possible.

The Head Chef carefully plans our seasonal menus to incorporate lots of favourites as well as introducing new ideas, suggestions and requests are always welcome.

We cater for any diet that is required; be it diabetic, vegan, coeliac etc. When a resident has been assessed by a Speech and Language Therapist due to potential issues with swallowing, we may be also advised about the most appropriate diet ‘consistency’ for that person.

The medical term for swallowing difficulties is ‘dysphagia’. Dysphagia occurs due to a number of medical and surgical conditions, such as neurological disorders, head and neck conditions, frailty and respiratory disorders.

You may have heard of the saying ‘eating with your eyes’? Pureed foods aren’t always the most attractive looking so our Head Chef has introduced the use of food moulds so that our pureed meals look like what they are but are the appropriate consistency.

Making mealtimes so much more pleasurable for our residents!

Here are a few examples of some of our dishes made with the food moulds.

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