Tips For Moving In

Bring a few home comforts – your favourite photos, some music and books, maybe a special cushion or blanket. Decide which personal items you would like to bring ahead of time.


Bring your toiletries and clothes you need, about 2 weeks worth is usually right. 

Ask us about anything specific or larger that you would like to bring.

Find your way around to get your bearings, ask for help so you feel confident or walk around with a friend or relative.

Staff are here to help you – tell them what you like to do and when.  They will be able to help with when and where you like your meals, what activities you enjoy etc.


We have a relatives newsletter and post updates on our website.  Keep relatives involved by encouraging them to come to events at Fairlight, join our email newsletter or visit our website.


Give yourself time to adjust and settle in.  Take it at your own pace and get to know the residents and staff.