Compulsory Vaccination

Fairlight are following the Government regulations and from 11th November 2021 require all members of staff in every department to be double vaccinated.

As a further precaution we will be asking all visitors to provide proof of double vaccination.

This can be done by downloading the NHS App, from the home page you can access Covid Pass which once set up will show when you have had your vaccinations and all recent test results.

If you are unsure or would like assistance to set up this App then please contact us. You will need your NHS Number and ideally your Passport and then the setup is very simple.

If you intend to visit regularly and have decided to not have the vaccine, then please inform the home so that the risk can be assessed, and measures put in place.

As always, we are working to keep everyone as safe as possible and appreciate your understanding and support.

Tracey Parker

Registered Manager

19th August 2021

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